5th November 2012
Location LOCATION: London

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats / Smythson Runway Leather Notebook

It’s safe to say I’m among those, oh let’s say, millions of people who are obsessed with their cat and cats in general. So when these Kitty Flats by Charlotte Olympia were released I argued with myself for over a year about how much I was not willing to spend large amounts of money on flats. I’m not very tall, you see, so any money goes towards buying five inch heels that give me the illusion of being somewhat taller. But like any pair of investment shoes I buy I always think about it for a long period of time, perhaps even too long as they usually sell out before I realise just how much I need them in my life. After a belated introduction I was so happy to welcome home these little kitties along with a little love from Net-A-Porter to get us through the FW month. Why does buying expensive shoes feel so. damn. good? It looks like taking photos of my feet standing in random places is going to be at an all time high!

Photos by me