14th November 2012
ambiose2 copy
Location LOCATION: Central France

Natalia Grzybowski Jacket and Shorts / Natalia Grzybowski Shirt / Kurt Gieger Heels

After Versailles Luke and I rented a car and made our way through Central France down to Biarritz and San Sebastian. This probably wasn’t the best idea considering we had literally nowhere near enough time to make our way through France at a comfortable pace, plus road tolls in France are a killer. We got stung with a $30 euro toll while entering Biarritz which would have been fine if we got to spend more than 24 hours in Central France.

But this was just a little taste of what there is to do in Central France and nestled amongst the scenic towns is Ambiose, a beautiful little town surrounded by historic castles and chateaus. We spent the night at this cute little place called Chateau De Pray where the floral bed spread matched the floral walls and floral chairs and floral pillows. Some say it sounds intense but it was cuteness overdose in my books!

Even on a rainy morning their courtyard still managed to have a charm about it which was exactly what I’d be wanting for the backdrop for this Natalia Grzybowski floral two piece which I’d been carrying around in my suitcase for months. Natalia is a fresh faced Australian designer that I cannot wait to see more from. Her collection “Hybrid” has been highly praised from Pages Digital to Susie Bubble and this neoprene two piece, along with her entire collection, is somewhat otherworldly. It’s humbling to be able to wear her designs and support someone with such a fresh and precise perspective. Drawing inspiration from Natalia’s collection I swept my hair back with very little make-up for a super clean look and threw in some of those “I’m bored and slightly depressed” kind of expressions, as well as some stiff poses to try and reflect the sculptured and minimalistic aesthetic of Natalia’s creations. I’m going to let her garments do all the talking here, just a shame they couldn’t write this blog post for me at 2am as well.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt