15th November 2012
Location LOCATION: San Sebastian

Alice McCall Dress / Kate Sylvester Shirt / Ellery Glasses / Jennifer Zeuner Ring / Kurt Geiger Heels

Growing up on a farm in a small country town in Western Australia when I was a baby, then in the suburbs in Perth when I was in primary school, then by the seaside on the Central Coast in New South Wales for my high school years where I’m currently still living, I always thought that I could live anywhere, whether that be in the heart of a bustling city or growing old in the countryside.

But after arriving in San Sebastian with Luke after being away from our home by the sea for so long we quickly realized just how much we need to be by the water. That makes sense for Luke as he’s a surf photographer but it actually took me a little by surprise. I was immediately calm, breathing in the salty air and day dreaming to the sound of small waves breaking along the shoreline. Everything moved slower and life seemed more simple. I was at ease.

San Sebastian reminded me of home in so many ways and somehow taught me a few things about myself I hadn’t acknowledged before. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I went away, to come backĀ  with new experiences to reflect on and a little more understanding of who I am. Apparently I like to wear pastel garments whilst shuffling around a harbor dock to pass the time. Who knew?

Photos by Luke Shadbolt