24th September 2012
Location LOCATION: Milan

Patricia Chang Dress / Mnologie Perspex Clutch / Ban Do Hair Clip / Charlotte Olympia Heels

As soon as we landed in Milan I changed and headed straight to the Gucci show a few hours later. I was running on such a high that I couldn’t wait to see the Duomo for the first time and it was even bigger and better than I ever could have imagined.

The best part about traveling with Jessica is she has such a knowledge of travel that she knows all the tricks of the trade. Like the tourist I am 99% of the time I would have automatically joined the que out the front but she swiftly took me behind the Duomo to a tiny little souvenir shop that was selling the rooftop tickets.

A few minutes later we were in an elevator and standing on top of the Duomo, looking out over the Milan landscape and daydreaming about what my life and blog would be like if I lived in Italy for a year. The architecture, the traditions, the food… I really cannot believe it’s taken me this long to see Europe for the first time. I was so excited that it was impossible not to inappropriately climb the stone statues and act like a typical blogger.

Earlier that morning I made Jessica climb and sit with a giant lion and funnily enough the police drove past and just started laughing. The best and worst part is we’re openly encouraging people to do the same thing so moments later tourists were climbing and taking photos themselves. But really, when you look back over the photos all you can do is smile and think “Thank god we did that”. My memory bank is quickly overflowing!

Photos by Jessica Stein