22nd September 2012
Location LOCATION: Broome

So before I left for fashion week I was lucky enough to be flown to Broome where I had a five day shoot with the lovely team at Jasu, a new and exciting e-commerce store that has recently opened and home to some of the very best Australian designers.

We spent the day sailing out at sea for my individual shoot and unfortunately the wind decided to harass my face for the majority of the shoot, but considering we were in the blazing sun in the middle of a chilly winter in Australia none of us seemed to mind at all! I had such a wonderful team working with me and I absolutely fell in love with Merton, one of the only hair and make up artists I’ve met who can actually cater to my Asian features which is incredibly hard to find.

My colour for Jasu is red so if you’re after any of the pieces I’m wearing just click on the photos and it will take you to the products. I’ve curated a collection of my top picks from Jasu and also a few extra styling tips too which you can find at Jasu. Diary post from Broome to follow just as soon as I land back in London town in a few days! Right now Milano and gelato is calling. I think it’s even better the sentence rhymes too. Ciao bella!

Photography: Samantha Jarrett
Hair & Make-up: Merton Muaremi
Styling: Adrian Fernand and Nicole Warne