4th July 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Equipment Cashmere Jumper / American Apparel Skirt / Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace / Mode Collective Boots / Celine Bag

So in exciting news we’ve just finished moving house and I couldn’t be happier to be working from a home with white walls and plenty of natural light again. My last home had brown brick walls, hardly got any light and was just really, really uninspiring in general so it’s refreshing and motivating to be in a work space I absolutely love.

As Luke and I both work from home we’ve always needed plenty of space but we’ll be working from the same big room in our new place. It’s already been funny, entertaining and slightly distracting and apparently I have to endure ‘Hip Hop Friday’s’. It’s an even trade though when I’m constantly asking him pointless questions that I could have answered myself and more quickly by simply googling it on the computer in front of me. “How much money do you think Macdonalds makes collectively around the world in just one day?”. “How long do you boil a dip in egg for?”. “I wonder who Yumi loves more out of me and you?”. If any of you have the answers to any of the above please let me know as I still haven’t got around to googling any. I don’t actually know if this post makes any sense as I’m so exhausted right now after the move and all I can hear is Luke talking to our roommate about how it’s impossible for doctors to be socially awkward. Don’t even know how that one came up but I promise I won’t start babbling about it on here! All that comes to mind right now are the words “snug as a bug in a rug” when looking back over these photos. It’s probably the only time I’ll ever refer to myself as a bug but considering how warm and fuzzy I feel in this jumper (and with life in general) I don’t even mind.

Photos by Jysla Kay