9th April 2012
Location LOCATION: Byron Bay

Zimmermann ‘Meadow Neck Bar’ Dress / Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet / Tresor Paris Crystal Bracelet /┬áBenah Rose Gold Cuffs

Last weekend Luke and I went on a little road trip to QLD for work. One of Luke’s best friends lives up there so every time we visit it always feels like we’re staying at some sort of resort. His place is so lovely and big yet he pays the same rent as a one bedroom apartment in Bondi, which is just crazy to think about. But you can’t blame him for living here as soon as you feel the warmer climate, the warmer water and get to witness cotton candy sunsets like this every day. It’s absolute bliss.

Apparently Luke and I lucked into one of the prettiest sunsets they’ve had here in weeks, and for someone who spends most of her time daydreaming I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect backdrop. This is basically what the inside of my head looks like!

I’ve been in such a daze thinking about the big move my blog would be doing on Monday so this beautiful pastel sky was the perfect way to calm my nerves. I know I have made a big decision but I know it’s only for the better and is the best possible thing to happen for me and my store. This was one of the most scariest/exciting things I’ve ever done so a big thank you to everyone who has shown their support, it’s so comforting to know you actually care.

My blog isn’t finished yet and we’ll be tweaking and adding features as the days go on, but for now I would love to know your honest opinions about it as I’m sure you’re all adjusting to it just as much as I am. I’m still trying to wrap my head around WordPress to be honest.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt