20th April 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

American Apparel Shirt, Vintage Leather Shorts, Charlotte Olympia Boots, Alexander Wang Bag

If any of you follow me on twitter you’ll often see me tweeting about my friend Genevieve and the things we get up to. She’s the kind of friend that you’ve known for so long that you can sit quietly in a room together without having to speak or entertain each other, or the kind of friend that no matter where you are you always have the funniest time together and end up with outrageous stories. Yes that’s my dear friend Gen, she’ll make you laugh until it hurts and somehow you’ll end up with your shoes on your hands and swinging from a street pole? A very fun afternoon spent taking a few quick photos before we spent the night talking about scented soy candles and encountered a chocolate induced sugar coma. In other news I received my RAFW accreditation last week, chopped off another 3 inches of my hair this afternoon and drew the winners of my latest giveaways! A big congratulations to “thedaintyflowergirl” Jeline, you have a $160 Asos voucher compliments of Fashiolista heading your way! And congratulations to Natalie Esteve, you have also won a $50 GPV gift card too! Thank you to everyone who entered. I’ll be sure to line up some more giveaways for you all soon! Now, back to deleting photos of me talking into my shoe…

Photos by Genevieve Tyrrell