18th April 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Vintage Knitted Jumper/Belt, AA Skirt, Glassons Hat, Bec & Bridge Ring, Jeffrey Campbell Boots, Alexander Wang Bag

Sometimes you find inspiration in the strangest of places. This time, it was a a double row of autumn trees sitting beautifully but slightly out of position in the middle of two busy roads. I always have so much fun shooting in places where you know you normally wouldn’t be. I don’t know too many people who would sit in the middle of this intersection, but seeing how beautiful it was I would probably suggest trying it.When I first saw the jumper and belt combo I absolutely loved it but was a little confused. A belt.. to keep up.. your jumper? I didn’t know peoples jumpers fell down? But I’ll always try things once, and it seems adding a tiny belt can give your old house jumpers a completely new makeover. I’m a bit of a jumper fanatic and they’re all I wear when I’m working, so I’ll do practically anything to be able to wear them out of the house. If this means adding a belt then I guess I’ll be adding a belt. Paired with a maxi skirt to hide my opaque stockings and some weatherproof boots, it looks like I know what I’ll be wearing to stay toasty and warm this season.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt