29th October 2010

Thrifted pink knit, Vintage leather shorts, Akubra Hat, Jeffrey Campbell Platforms, YSL/vintage rings

What better way to pass the time than taking photos around your hotel room, especially when you have a shiny new toy to play with! I was given this amazing little camera as a gift from the creative agency we’ve been working with for the new campaign. It’s called a ‘Bloggie’ (how appropriate) and is a about the size of an Iphone which shoots HD videos. Amazing, no? I quickly snapped a few shots before running out the door for dinner with the cast, which is an interesting mix of musicians and bloggers. It’s only been a few shorts days but I kind of feel like we’ve all known each other for years, perhaps because we all have such similar interests and can relate to each other? It’s been such an exciting experience and even after being on set for the past two days i’m still pinching myself to see if it’s real! Note to self: pinching oneself is quite painful and would not advise unless completely necessary. The shoot is all wrapped now and i returned home yesterday. To make this week even more wonderful i received some lovely emails on my return and thought i would share with you the recent press for Gary Pepper Vintage.

1. Ebay Magazine: Ebay magazine have been generous enough to give me my very own column in their mag. Who would have honestly thought? Not me, that’s for sure! It’s a short 400 word column covering my daily life, what i’m working on at the moment and tips and advice on running your own business online. The next issue is out and if you flick to page 50 there you will find my very first column! I just finished my second for the next issue and it’s so surreal to think people would want to read about my life and listen to what i have to say. Thank you to my home girl Miceala who is so patient with me even though i am always running late with her deadlines. I’m so grateful to have met you and i can’t wait for our coffee date in the city.

I’d also like to thank Claire Lee from NSW for writing to Ebay Magazine with her thoughts on the interview i did in their first issue. Your words warm my heart and only motivate me to keep going so thank you.2. Shop Til You Drop Magazine: This feature was taken a few months ago but seeing as magazines work so far in advance it’s only come out now It was lovely meeting Dee from Deeelightful who is actually the market editor for STYD and she is even more amazing in real life. A big thank you to the girls at Shop – the spread looks amazing!

3. Goldwell: Goldwell have just launched their new website called ‘The Highlight’ which is your “online magazine destination for all things hair – news, reviews, guest editors, styling tips, galleries, exclusive offers, and everything else you need to get your hair looking fab.” I was asked to come on board as a guest editor and to write about how to maintain long hair, which you can read here. You have no idea how surreal it was to click on the link and see my article pop up alongside one written by the Queen of Australian beauty, Zoe Foster. A big thank you to Vivian for featuring my thoughts, and on the same page as Zoes too!? I would never have imagined…

4.MyLookbook Magazine: Gary Pepper Vintage had it’s very first product published in the new issue of MyLookbook magazine which is a vintage ring that will be listed in Gary Pepper Pieces this week! I was also asked to give my opinion on ‘The perfect statement ring’ and couldn’t believe they ran it alongside two of my photos. A warm thank you to Krista, the very talented mastermind behind MyLookbook. It’s starting to scare me how similar we are and i can’t wait to meet with you to brainstorm future ideas. Maybe Miceala should come too?

5. Jeffrey Campbell: I think by now everyone knows how much i love and adore JC – i can’t get enough of his shoes and my collection is still growing! Usually we communicate via email but a few weeks ago i was lucky enough to speak to Ty on the phone and talk about Australia and our love for JC. OH HAIII, TY! You know you’re my fave! My lita’s were featured on the JC blog and for all of you wondering you can purchase them here at Solestruck.com. I’ve had several emails about sizing so if you’re wondering, your show size in Australia is exactly the same in US so if you’re an AUS 8, you will be a US 8 etc…
Now that i’ve settled in back home and finally got some much needed rest, i can begin to sort though the hundreds of photos taken over the past few days. The shoot already feels like a distant memory so thank goodness i have so many photos to savor the incredible moments and the people i’ve met. Expect a little behind the scenes post too!

Well I really hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, i sure have missed you!