30th October 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

One of the many talented people i had the pleasure of meeting was the gorgeous Amanda of Here Comes The Sun. If you’re reading this from New Zealand then you have more than likely heard of her and her adorable blog. It’s kind of like the New Zealand version of Day Dream Lily, another daily blog i follow everyday. I’ve been going through her archives since we met last week and now i want to share her beautiful world with all of you too. She’s super sweet, kind and looked amazing in a coral polkadot Gary Pepper dress i lent for the shoot – her cute kiwi accent doesn’t help either! We went out for a lovely dinner, shared a bottle of wine, spoke about how excited we were for the campaign and excitedly tried our first macaroon on the way home from a cute little patisserie on the corner.I also met the divine Adrian from Idobelieveicamewithahat.com who was lovely enough to accompany us on our very first date with a macaroon (Yes, can you believe i’ve never had on before?). He resides in Paris where he writes his book and after getting to know him over the past few days it only makes sense he would live in such a beautiful place. He’s probably one of the best dressed humans i’ve had the pleasure of meeting as i don’t know too many people that can pull off wearing fur and Louis Vutton on a beach at 6am in the morning. Idobelievei’mtakingmyhatofftoyouadrian Things don’t seem to be slowing down here either as i’m flying out to Melbourne again at 6:30am tomorrow morning. Another day, another meeting. I plan on working like a maniac when i get back so i can have my new listings in store by the end of the week. Expect a little sneak peek on my facebook page over the next few days, so many amazing items coming to the store!