19th May 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Spotted Dress/Green Jacket: Thrifted, Black Fur coat: Vintage, Brogues: vintage, Panda Hat: Gift from Alex

Just a few shots I took on the weekend when Laura, Alex and I went on a little picnic over the road. Seeing as Alex didn’t have to work on Monday and I technically don’t have to go to work either, we decided to open a bottle of wine and relax eating some nibblies with our favourite quince paste and cheese. It was a lovely break and before we knew it it was getting dark, the sun was setting, all of our wine was gone and we were strangely warm and toasty for how freezing it was outside.Time slipped away from me again and I completely forget to take any photos so I apologize for the jumble of photos in this post!

I wasn’t even aware how much my outfit co-ordinated with each other until I was told I actually looked like a bear from behind with my black fur coat and beanie. Always fun to start winter off dressed like a giant panda bear. I also wanted to introduce you to this little guy- my cute as a button panda case that’s going to keep my iphone very warm over the next few months

I was so excited when I found them online so I ordered a panda, a purple owl, a penguin and a kimono fish. I also bought two of these amazing gold leaf rings that wrap beautifully around my thumbs.They were only $14 US so I couldn’t resist ordering so many. Problem is i now have four cases and only one Iphone!? All of the cases are handmade from ecofi felt which is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles by a wonderful girl on Etsy that you can find here. Reasonably priced and eco friendly? Amazing.

I was a little distracted on the car trip home from opshopping and added a little Gary Pepper touch to my new found friend. This actually entertained me for longer than it should have…