17th May 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Red spotted coat// Cream knitted jumper: Vintage, Socks: Topshop, Brogues: Vintage

As I usually prefer to opshop alone it was refreshing to have company for once and someone to talk to for the painful drive home on such a cold and gloomy day. Alex always provides the best kinds of fun and I secretly like that she now gets every Monday off and can watch Ellen with me on our extremely comfortable lounge. Today we spent the day opshopping in Sydney, stuffing ourselves silly with lamb and roast vegetable foccachios, climbing trees, eating too many sweets, meeting one of the cutest little asian ladies I think I’ve ever seen and running around in the pretty autumn leaves.Can you believe it’s taken this long for the leaves to finally turn those beautiful shades of orange and red and actually start behaving like normal leaves should for this time of year? I found this cute little red spotted coat a few days ago when I was opshopping and was thrilled that it was cold enough today to wear it. I still can’t get out of my oversized knitted jumpers so I was pretty happy I could wear this jacket so easily with it. There wasn’t alot of thinking required on a day like today, just pure warmth and alot of layers. The photos don’t really do this jacket enough justice but the fit is absolutely amazing and it kind of flairs from the waist down. I think it was the black and white spotted buttons and sleeves that sealed the deal for me and made me decide to keep it for myself. I also decided to keep the vintage black brogues I’m wearing in these photos that for some reason I decided to try on just before listing and instantly fell in love with. Note to self: Don’t trust.. yourself? But i can assure you I did find things for the store! Too many, actually. I have a another massive store update coming for the accessory store, Gary Pepper Pieces, tomorrow night so be sure to have a look. I have over 20 new vintage bags, several pairs of lace up ankle boots, chains, earrings, bracelets and some super cute vintage rings I sourced from the US so I hope you all like. Oh and guess what? Gary Pepper Vintage was spotted in this weeks issue of GRAZIA! It was wonderful to open the magazine and see myself alongside the wonderful Ashley from A Studded Rose Vintageand other vintage inspired bloggers. A big thank you to Jessica from Grazia for running our photos!

To add to how lovely this week has been already, I received a wonderful and exciting offer a few days ago from The Style Net. A new online high end fashion directory that aims to “Simplify the online shopping experience. We present a simple yet effective directory providing access to the worlds most sought after designers. The Style Net showcases leading Australian and International stores” which launched it’s online campaign today!

I am so happy to announce that Gary Pepper Vintage just signed on with The Style Net and will be selling alongside high end fashion brands like Diane Von Furstenberg, Shopbop, Fluer Wood and one of my all time favourite vintage stores, Claire Inc! They have also been lovely enough to include my blog in their ‘Style Blogs’ section and have me sitting with the likes of The Cherry Blossom Girl and Fashiontoast. I’m still in disbelief that my store would even be considered for such a website and I’m extremely flattered to say the least so a very big thank you to Brooke from The Style Net. I really appreciate how much all of you believe in my store and it’s one of main things that keeps me going and makes me realize that this really is something I will be doing for the rest of my life, so thank you