23rd March 2010

Dress & Jacket: Vintage. Socks: Topshop. Boots: Vintage. Bag: Claire Inc

On Monday morning I quickly ran out of the hotel to try and find myself a newsagency, luckily there was one of those tiny little stands just outside the door! Gary Pepper Vintage was published in this weeks issue of FAMOUS magazine! I am so excited it’s finally here, If you have your hands on a copy quickly flick to page 57 where you’ll find a lovely little feature about the store 

I don’t look as happy as i should in this photo for some reason (?) but trust me, i was beaming ear to ear when i saw the store in print, and doesn’t Charlotte look absolutely stunning once again? A big thank you to all the girls at FAMOUS, you really have no idea how much this means to me. I know i said it before but i really am still so amazed that people take notice of the store. In my eyes, i’m just a girl selling vintage to strangers doing something she loves, and that’s the part that brings me happiness every single day… the rest is just a bonus.

Visit FAMOUS here: http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/famous/