18th October 2009

Hello. Would you like a cup of tea? coffee? latte? I’ve never been good at introductions so we’ll keep this short and sweet. I’m Nicole. I’m based on the Central Coast, NSW. I have bad humor and skinny ankles . I’m a fashion student who started her love affair with vintage nearly 5 years ago, and yes, we’re still happily involved. So let’s nervously giggle, smile and nod, and pretend we’ve already known each other for years. If you’re reading this, you’ve more than likely visited my Ebay store- garypeppervintage. I’d like to happily introduce you to her sister- The GPV Blog. With my very first post, I am optimistic that she will become a regular in my daily routine and hopeful she’ll run as smoothly as my store. She’ll be kept updated with new vintage finds, pointless stories, tales, frills, kind words and pretty things. So be sure to keep visiting, peeps.

And please don’t worry. I think you guys will be great friends