19th October 2009
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Singlet: Bonds. Shirt: Vintage. Bracelets: DIY. Boots: Vintage Tony Biancos

A quick op-shopping trip last Wednesday turned into an all day shopping spree. Not only did I pick up 4 pairs of shoes, 7 bags, 3 pairs of sunglasses (1 with Elizabeth Arden frames) and about 20 worthy items for the store, I also found this beautiful vintage camera with a 50mm lens. Not only did it set me back a cool $2, it also has a roll of used film still in it’s case! With a total of 22 photos already taken before my purchase, I’m desperately trying to take photos of anything and everything so I can race to the photo lab and see these 22 photos of somebody Else’s life. I’m excited and impatient and I cannot wait to find out. And of course, I’ll post the developed photos on here too, kids.