9th February 2014
Location LOCATION: New York

A quick little update from the freezing and frosty city of New York. I would like to blame my lack of updates on the fact that I can barely move my fingers to type, tweet, take photos or Instagram seconds after we leave our hotel yet I know there’s already a bubble of guilt brewing in my stomach when I type this. Either guilt, or the copious amounts of hot liquid I’m consuming to defrost myself from the inside out.

I flew to New York a week early to try to get a head start on all the meetings I need to get done here. Trying to juggle meetings with shows, events, parties, photo shoots and finding food and/or taxis during FW is a logistical nightmare that I just couldn’t justify in this -5 degree weather, especially as there’s literally sheets of ice covering the streets which quickly turn my Charlotte Olympia’s into inappropriate footwear attire (I never thought I’d ever say her footwear is inappropriate) which then test my ice-skating skills. We’ve been spending our time wisely so it’s nice to be in New York outside of FW for once. It definitely gives us a little more time to hunt down rainbow walls while a chunky knit scarf trapezes up and around my head and off with its mind of its own.

Photos by Carin Olsson