23rd January 2014
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Location LOCATION: Florence

Mary Katrantzou Skirt and ShirtDelfina Delettrez Earring / Sergio Rossi Heels

Twisted shadows, a mysterious moon, a shimmering sunrise and sleepy mountain fog. These are just a few things I saw when I peeked out of our window in Florence. An eery feeling, a curious mind, an ambitious soul and excited heart. These are just a few things I felt when I peeked out of that very same window. Naturally, this effected how we took these photos. A subtle darkness yet balanced with light. It’s the unknown that scares and excites me the most. Isn’t it strange how you’re capable of feeling these emotions at the same time, but even stranger when you overcome both to find out what you’re truly capable of? Here’s to a new year full of both shadows and light, failures and triumphs, but most of all – learning curves, knowledge and progression. Can’t wait.

Photos by Carin Olsson