26th November 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

Total Louis Vuitton Looks

Digging out some unpublished photos from the archives, these are some behind the scenes photos of my creative collaboration with Louis Vuitton earlier this year. Zanita and  I headed into Louis Vuitton’s head office in Paris to wrap our heads around their overflowing cupboard of samples and the freedom they had granted us to create whatever content we liked. As I had limited time to style the looks in just one hour before their next appointment arrived, I frantically scurried around while Zanita quickly took these photos as reference shots for the outfits. I really shouldn’t sound surprised that they turned out looking like this after a quick “Look to your right! Now to me in the mirror!”. Add her dreamy edits and I immediately feel calm looking back at these photos and can distinctly recall her whispering to me “Is this real life?” as we exited the Louis Vuitton building as quickly as we had arrived. And to be honest I’m still not quite sure, Zanita.

Photos by Zanita