5th June 2013
gary-pepper-nicole-warne-tibi-5 copy
Location LOCATION: Menorca

Tibi Dress / ASOS Heels / Christopher Kon Clutch / Gorjana Necklace / Jennifer Zeuner Bracelets / Jules Smith Rings / Campbell Knuckle Ring / Gorjana Rings

For me, sometimes the most effective outfits are the most simplest ones. It’s not about how it looks to other people, but more so about how it makes you feel. I guess that’s the big debate about why girls spend so much money on expensive clothes and designer brands. Really, we’re paying for the brand itself but at the same time we’re paying for the way it makes us feel, and if buying a pair of Charlotte Olympia Heels makes me feel as happy and fuzzy as they do every single time I purchase a pair, then hell I think it’s worth it.

This little yellow silk number by Tibi has to be one of the most simplest dresses I own. It’s simple halter neck with a touch of delicate back details makes it the perfect summer dress to throw on after a long day of exploring some hidden coves. I’ll never argue with anything that’s available in such a vibrant colour as well. Yellow and apple green have to be some of my favourite colours (who am I kidding? I think every colour is my favourite…), especially when mixed with these magenta shades of some sleepy bougainvillea¬†vines. Nearly as sleepy as Ciuntadella during siesta time. Nearly.

Zanita and I have stopped over in Ibiza for a few days before heading back to Barcelona and then onto Paris. It seems to be a miracle if I get more than an hour or two online when I’m in Spain so looking forward to updating more once I touch down in France.

Photos by Zanita and edited by me