4th June 2013
Location LOCATION: Menorca

Chloe Bikini / Not Going Home Tee / Gorjana Necklace / Jennifer Zeuner Bracelet / Celine Sunglasses

How many photos can you handle of me in my bikini? Probably just as many as we were capable of shooting with a whole beach of onlookers staring at me either completely confused or giggling to themselves. I’m so used to shooting photos in front of hundreds of people so whenever I start to get awkward I simply remind myself “You’ll more than likely never see these people again”, which makes it easy to make the most of each moment and not get caught up with people judging, or laughing, or perhaps both. Plus I’m positive they find it more hilarious to watch than anything else.

Cala Macarelleta in Menorca was as picturesque as the postcards we saw of it in town. Every inch of this secluded and serene cove made it hard not to smile from ear to ear and made dancing through its vibrant blue and sea green waters feel like a vague summers dream. I haven’t had the luxury of experiencing a European summer before so every tiny moment spent in the Mediterranean Sea is as appreciated as every gust of warm and salty sea air on my sun deprived skin. The tricky part is just trying to document it without looking like a deranged tourist splashing around like a floundering fish out of water…

Photos by Zanita and edited by me