13th June 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

Manning Cartell Dress / Moschino Heart Bag / Gorjana Necklace / Jennifer Zeuner Bracelet / Charlotte Olympia Heels / Lancome Rouge in Love Red Lipstick in 170N

It seems even in Paris a thunderstorm can become magical. After hearing Zanita hadn’t really seen Paris before, I felt compelled to drag her to the most cliches of all cliches – The Eiffel Tower.

When we arrived we were greeted by an evening thunderstorm and gusts of wind strong enough to make a mess of whatever hairstyle I was attempting to maintain for some photos, which kind of came in handy later on when things got a little more seductive than usual.

A nutella and banana crepe later, we were nestled in some rose bushes, rolling around on the grass and laughing about how we couldn’t believe the weather had turned so morbid for us. And yet we could feel some sort of electricity in the air, and it wasn’t the bright lightening flashing along the horizon either. I think it was the panic of a dark storm approaching and being able to see a curtain of thick grey rain moving towards you as every second passed. People were worried, rushing around like tiny ants and seemed stressed about trying to find shelter. It kind of felt like the world was going to end. Was it? Zanita and I on the other hand were in our absolute element and were mutually filled with excitement after we took the first photo. We had only about 10 minutes of light so this short amount of time mixed with the feeling of fear from a being caught in a dangerous harmless storm was quite exhilarating.

The moody lighting and dark storm clouds was such a contrast to what I usually envision of Paris and yet I was completely mesmerized by it. Like a moth to a flame, it was hypnotic, and it resulted in some of my favourite photos I’ve taken with Zanita, ever. Nothing like two crazy girls with a camera and the perfect little red dress in Paris. Special thanks to my girl Zanita for bringing out the vixen in me.

Photos by Zanita