12th July 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Topshop Top / Asos Skirt / Vintage Leopard Coat / Jolie & Deen Necklace / The Mode Collective Boots

It seems jumping out of the car every time I see a pretty Autumn tree is fast becoming a norm in mine and Luke’s relationship. After five and a half years though I’m pretty sure he’s used to it by now. In summer it’s open fields and meadows that call for spontaneous pit stops, in winter it’s golden trees and fallen leaves. On our way back from lunch we spotted this beautiful tree and before I had even said anything Luke was turning the car around and pulling over with our camera in hand. To say he “gets me” is an understatement sometimes.

The only thing I could find in the car to use as a blanket was this vintage faux fur leopard coat I found in San Fransisco last year, which has quickly become my second skin during the colder months. Three quarter faux fur and double breasted coats are honestly the only thing that gets me through winter. Well, besides tea and tim tam straws but it’s a pretty close call! For some reason I still believe by pulling down your sleeves a few extra inches it immediately makes you ten times warmer too. It also helps to do lots of rolling around in autumn leaves and some healthy swaying back and forth here and there for photography purposes.

If only we had some tea and tim tams when we took these photos, then they would have all of my favourite wintery things.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt