11th December 2013
Location LOCATION: Qualia | Hamilton Island

Blu Moon Dress (also available in black and red) / Ray Ban Glasses / COS Sandals (similar here) / Witchery Hat

Last week Luke and I flew to Hamilton Island for what was originally planned as the tropical backdrop for our next project. Unfortunately the product didn’t arrive from London in time for our departure, so we unintentionally set out to explore one of the most popular and praised holiday destinations in Australia. And after returning from there all too quickly, I now understand why.

As part of the Great Barrier Reef, Luke and I were in our element, both being immediately drawn to the vibrant turquoise waters and eager to spend as much time as we could above and below it. Now with no creative deadlines or pressure, we were able to spend some rare quality time together while shooting at our own leisure, something I find creates the very best content and some of my favourite photographs ever. I only lasted a few minutes before I took shade beneath a coconut tree (literally.. a tall, green and delicious-looking coconut tree) and a wide-brimmed hat to protect myself from the blazing summer sun. After Luke warned me to be careful, I laughed and told him I was already wearing 50+ sunscreen, as if it was quite obvious. After rolling his eyes, he informed me that I’m more likely to die from a coconut falling on my head than a shark, a statistic I find hard to believe but a quick google search quickly confirmed. I’m quite concerned I have any sort of reason to be afraid of coconuts, but it’s more concerning I just typed a sentence I never thought I would ever have to type.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt