19th September 2013
Location LOCATION: New York

Zimmermann Dress / Ryan Storer Necklace / Carolina Herrera Heels

Normally I would never encourage anyone to want to change anything about themselves but there are frightfully re-occuring times when I catch myself wishing I was a morning person. You know, the kind that wake up with a smile on the face at 5:30am in the morning and skip to the kitchen to make their morning coffee. The kind that are actually choosing to wake up this early and are happy about this decision too. Unfortunately this is not me, as much as I painfully wish it was. You wouldn’t think it was possible but when I get up that early in the morning my eyes get even smaller

One of the main reasons why I appreciate early mornings is the fact that everything seems more serene at this time of day. The crisp morning light creates an ethereal white glow which beautifully bounces off blades of dewy grass and through the empty streets and car parks. I always feel like I’m the only person in the world at that time, and if a tree fell in the woods, well, I’d actually hear it instead of beeping cars and traffic lights.

This morning was no exception. Carin and I awoke early to make the most of seeing Central Park from a new perspective: being completely vacant. With a hot coffee in hand we didn’t have very long before we had to race back home to change and go to our first show of the day. Still, making the time and forcing ourselves out of bed to catch glimpses of Central Park in this kind of light made it all worth it. To top it all off? Watching groups of old people excitedly bird watching as they pointed to the trees and peeked through their binoculars . This, and seeing couples sitting together enjoying a few stolen moments before they have to go to work. A picturesque life I’d love to paint in New York someday very soon with my dearest Luke. Perhaps even the bird watching too…

Photos by Carin Olsson