23rd September 2013
Location LOCATION: Istanbul

ASOS Top (similar here) / ASOS Skirt / Tibi Sandals / Mulberry Bag / Jennifer Zeuner Necklace

Usually the thought of mass crowds when I’m traveling, especially during high season in Europe, stresses me out before I’ve even arrived. But for some reason Istanbul was a different story. Despite hundreds of people bustling through every inch of Istanbul it was this very trait that made me fall in love with it. So many walks of life all in one place, keeping to themselves and minding their own business. It’s impossible not to blend into the crowd when you’re there which is perhaps why this series of photos I took with Jessica are my favourite we’ve ever shot together. As an optimist I try to see everything in a positive light, so discovering this particular dislike had quickly turned into a surprising form of appreciation made me beam from ear to ear.

With only a few hours left together we spent most of the time wandering the streets surrounding our hotel whilst trying to soak in a place so rich in culture before having to depart ways again. Always so much to see and never enough time, nor enough time together. For anyone planning on visiting Istanbul I would leave at least a week here as there’s so much ground to cover. I had only just seen the light before I had to leave again.

Photos by Jessica Stein