2nd August 2013
Location LOCATION: Paris

So I’ve been to Europe and back with so much content to still get through and post. Since I’ve landed back in Sydney I’ve basically hit the ground running as I flew home early to take part in an exciting new campaign which you might have spotted on my @garypeppergirl Instagram already. We shot this campaign as soon as I landed and it’s been non-stop since returning home. No jet lag with back to back meetings, media events I just couldn’t not attend and planning the next few months (while trying to catch up online for the past two!) as I’m leaving for Europe again in just under two weeks. A very short but oh so sweet visit home with no time to stop and think. I honestly can’t complain though as this amount of work is what I’ve been wanting to do ever since I decided to take blogging full-time. Work hard, play hard, never look back.

So many exciting new things I honestly can’t wait to share with you all. There is one in particular that takes first priority and is consuming every spare second of my day. Hopefully on Monday I’ll finally be able to share this with you!

Until then, here are some photos I took with Zanita in our Parisian apartment for my portfolio. Super simple and quite raw, wet hair included. Like always the lighting in Paris was just magical but a few super imposed rose petals doesn’t hurt either.

Photos by Zanita