20th May 2013
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Viktoria and Woods Two Piece / ASOS HeelsGorjana Necklace / Campbell Knuckle Ring / Gorgana Ring / Jules Smith Ring / Celine Sunglasses / Celine Bag

I’m currently sitting at the airport in Singapore which is my first stop in a total of three in an attempt to make it to Spain. Next stop – London, then another flight and a few movies later to Barcelona.

I absolutely love people watching when I’m sitting at the airport and observing what people wear on such long haul flights. I guess I’m probably getting the strangest looks with my  J Brand black leather pants on (trust me, they’re that comfortable), walking through the terminal with someone like Zanita (her face is so distracting. I mean, how does someone look so good flying?) who funnily enough is wearing all of her jewelry in an attempt to keep her luggage weight under that dreaded 23kg. Keeping it real, Z.

As for me, I’ve taken it to the next level of people watching and doing what every blogger does when they’re traveling – literally squatting next to whatever power point I can find in an attempt to charge my laptop and phone, which always seems to be placed in areas and/or islands awkwardly floating in the middle of the terminal. The best part is how narcissistic I look when people can blatantly see me editing photos of myself. I guess that’s better than editing photos of yourself on the actual plane. People watching over my shoulder creeps me out. So in saying that, I’m signing off as there’s too many people looking at me right now. See you soon!

Photos by Jysla Kay