26th May 2013
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Dion Lee Skirt / Alice McCall Top / Gorjana Necklace / Campbell Knuckle Ring / Gorgana Ring / Jules Smith Ring / Tom Gunn Heels

I’ve had this skirt by Dion Lee for a few months now but I’ve been searching for the perfect top to match its sharp, super sleek and somewhat futuristic aesthetic. Even though I’m not a huge fan of cut out detail, this backless top by Alice McCall didn’t really seem to fit that category, with its plunging sides and silver button detail across the top and bottom of its open back making me justify the weird tan marks (I tan very easily) I know I’ll receive during the European summer in this top. Still, it’s worth it if it means I get to fuse two of my favourite Australian designers together, especially when their brands and audience are complete polar opposites yet seem to come together for this particular outfit.

I also have a feeling I never felt quite right wearing this skirt with my longer, wavy hair. For some reason my short and straight bob has me reaching for sharper and more refined pieces in my wardrobe that were once overlooked. Perhaps Dion knew I’d cut my hair so he sent this skirt months in advance, which means he can see into the future after all? I knew it.

Photos by Jysla Kay