28th May 2013
Location LOCATION: Barcelona

J Brand Denim Shorts / Mango Shirt / Chie Mihara Sandals / Eugina Kim Hat / Gorjana Necklace / Gorjana Ring / Jules Smith Rings / Linea Pelle Belt / Nomadic Bag

During my time in Barcelona I quickly shot some street style photos with Grazia Spain. I didn’t actually plan on doing this so for someone who usually shoots photos in five inch heels it felt a little weird to have my feet so close to the earth and the ability to pace around on the spot ten times faster than I usually do as I was wearing flats for once. Shortly afterward, the lovely boys behind Cup of Couple, Mike and Gabrielle, shot these photos of me. I guess once I realised how much I loved this new and fast pace you couldn’t really keep me still. The only part that was moving faster than me was Mike and the short two minutes it took for him to shoot these photos. The guy is very, very good. Considering there’s one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in one day it always blows my mind how little time we have to shoot photos when our schedule is so full. I don’t even want to add up how many hours I waste spend refreshing the Instagram feed though. Actually, I did the other day and it was slightly cringe-worthy, but not as much as looking like you’re continuously chasing your tail around in circles in public, a habit that is like second nature for bloggers and made that much easier in a ridiculously comfortable pair of sandals.

Photos by Cup of Couple