11th January 2013
Location LOCATION: Rome

MSGM Yellow Coat / Kate Sylvester Top / Zara Jumper / J Crew Pants / Michael Kors Watch / Marc Jacobs Glasses / Topshop Clutch / Charlotte Olympia Heels

Same pants, different weather. Same pants, different everything else. This is just another way I felt like wearing these pants – colour on colour on colour. These pieces were floating around my suitcase the whole time I was traveling and it wasn’t until the temperature dropped in Rome that I needed to add on the layers.

We didn’t have one day of sun the whole time were were in Rome, so all I can remember about it was the architecture was beautiful but the dreary weather coated the city in this dull, unflattering grey filter. That, and the burning desire to watch Gladiator again after seeing the Colosseum. The strangest part was people seemed to take more notice of my bright outfit than this ridiculously hairy dog that was the size of a small horse, walking down the street in a blue silk pajama two piece with a hole cut out of the crotch for its tail. I mean, come on people, it’s a small horse wearing human pajamas around Rome! I suppose colour blocking is a weirder concept to some people.

And for the people wanting to see the dog, you can see a photo here. Sorry I wasn’t quick enough to get a front shot!

Photos by Luke Shadbolt