23rd December 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Josh Goot Contour Tank Bodysuit / Josh Goot Evening Hooded Vest / Josh Goot Surf Cap Sleeve Dress

Usually I don’t get a chance to take any behind the scenes photos of my shoots as it’s always so busy on set, but luckily this time my friend Liam was there and sent through some photos for me to share with you all, as well as some photos from my trusty Iphone mixed in for good measure.

We started in hair and make up and casually floated around the endless and colourful racks of Josh Goot. The room was incredibly calm and the shoot went as smoothly as you could imagine. Even though this outfit isn’t what I would usually wear I loved every single moment of it. Why? Because the best part about editorials is they push you out of your comfort zone and give you the ability to create a whole new persona for yourself, allowing you to escape reality for just a few hours and be whoever you want to be. Today I was a sports luxe version of myself styled by Christine Centenera. In saying that though, Christine could have dressed me up as a piece of broccoli and I probably would have worn it anyway.

Thank you again to Vogue Australia for the magical and memorable day. Now I’m off to Tasmania for the week to visit my family for Christmas. See you all soon!

Photos by Liam McKessar