23rd October 2012
Location LOCATION: France

1. The sweetest welcoming from Mandarin Oriental Paris / 2. So happy to be wandering through Jardin Des Tuileries again
3. The view from inside the Lourve / 4. The Apollo Hall rooftop in the Louvre that gave me goosebumps
5. Lemmings inside the Louvre and a alluring rooftop / 6. A Parisian-inspired breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental Paris
7. Watching a giant rain cloud devour Paris from the Eiffel Tower / 8. Paris windowsills and a hot cup of tea
9. Cute chimney rooftops from our balcony at the Mandarin Oriental Paris / 10. Exploring Versailles with Luke
11. Peeking through to the Versailles Gardens / 12. The King’s double story chapel inside the Royal Palace
13. Nice to see the floral trend has been around for centuries… / 14. Walking through Versailles in a daze
15. An autumn-looking Versailles in all its beauty / 16. Making our way over to Marie-Antionette’s Estate
17. Finding hidden flower fields / 18. Crazy to think this room is bigger than my whole house back in Australia
19. The cutest key chain I’ve ever seen! Hello Kitty and macaroons by Laduree / 20. Macaroon party along the Grand Canal
21. My first attempt at ever rowing a boat / 22. Breakfast at Chateau De Pray in Central France
23. Our cute little Chateau for the night in Ambiose, Central France / 24. Found Fern Gully near Chateau Chenonceaux
25. Officially the first castle I’ve ever seen with my own eyes / 26. Mind boggling halls inside Chateau Chenonceau

If you know me well you’ll know how obsessed I am with Instagram and how much I love capturing a moment to share with my Instagram followers. I will admit I get excited when I have beautiful things to post and I went a little crazy when I was in France. It’s about finding the right balance between quality and quantity but France made it too easy to lose myself and update as much as I could. I think everything looks magical with a filter and sometimes I prefer these shots over the ones I take on my camera, which I know is plain blasphemy!

People often ask what camera I use but I swear on my life I shoot 95% of my photos on my phone, with the rest being outfit photos from my Canon camera I upload here and there. Only two photos in this post (17 and 19) were shot on my camera and the rest were taken during our time in Paris, Versailles and Ambiose in Central France. It’s depressing to think my Instagram may never look they way it did when I was in France but I guess this is all the more reason to go back! Have you googled France or Versailles in Spring? If you want to be severely depressed yet inspired at the same time then I highly recommend it. If not, just google Ryan Gosling instead. Actually, that’s equally as depressing. Just searched ‘Versailles in Spring with Ryan Gosling’ and oddly enough pie charts popped up in google images. Awesome.

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