27th September 2012
Location LOCATION: Milan

Asos Skirt / Alice McCall Blouse / Ellery Blazer / Zara Necklace / Ban Do Hair Clip / Mnologie Perspex Clutch / Windsor Smith Heels

Somewhere wandering along the streets of Milan near the Duomo I happened to find the perfect setting to suit my mood. Sometimes I’ll meet readers who have told me they’re surprised I’m from Australia when they hear my accent. It’s always so surprising hearing feedback about how you dress as you can imagine it’s something you don’t really sit around thinking about. You just wake up, walk to your cupboard, and dress yourself in pieces that suit your mood that day. When people break it down or ask you what inspires you it’s makes you question and over think something that is just so natural. Girls sometimes tell me I have more of a European influenced wardrobe and that I belong along the streets of London or Paris. I never really understood until I finally traveled across the globe and saw Milan for the first time, twirling along garden curbs and picking fresh roses for my hair. Finally a place that suits my soul and the majority of my wardrobe, which as you can see happens to be inspired by Little Bow Peep today!

Milan was a whirlwind trip but it doesn’t stop there. We just landed in Paris and even though I haven’t seen anything past the Macdonalds over the road from the Eurostar train station, I already know deep down in my heart that Paris is the place for me. Let’s hope Luke makes it over here quickly before this city steals my heart forever.

Photos by Jessica Stein