30th May 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

 Dion Lee Top / Vintage Handmade Skirt / Marcs Jumper & Bag / Christian Louboutin Heels / Jennifer Zeuner Anklet

So here are a few photos we quickly took outside of my house the other day. Just kidding… I couldn’t even imagine if this was my house!

After trying to avoid some crazy traffic the other day I took a wrong turn but somehow managed to stumble across this beautiful setting instead. I kind of have an obsession with shooting in light-filled meadows, luscious gardens or out in the woods (when time and weather permits, that is) so It was only natural to stop and take some photos here. I’ve been waiting for a location to inspire me to wear this floral full circle skirt, which can easily look out of place by the beach side in my local hometown in North Avoca. And yes, I’m weird like that and won’t shoot a piece of clothing for months If I haven’t seen a location that inspires me to wear it.

I’ve always loved 50′s inspired skirts as I feel like they flatter all the right places. A good fitting one makes your waist look small whilst hiding your hips and falling just above the knee at an elegant length. They’ve always reminded me of an English Tea Party, so much so that I’ve had to fight the urge to bring along table and chairs to have one out the front of this building. Weirdly enough I’m pretty sure this place was a factory, with countless onlookers wondering why I was twirling and swaying around their front yard. They probably thought I was either drunk or insane, but instead It’s just a normal day in the life of a blogger…

Photos by Jysla Kay