21st March 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney
1. Ryder Jumper and Shorts, Vintage Brogues / 2. Sara Phillips Shirt, Kate Sylvester Jumper and Skirt 3. Vintage Blouse, Jacket and bag, Zara Pants / 4. Flannel Dress, Sylvester Cardigan, Vintage Bag / 5. Vintage Blouse, Skirt, Cardigan and Bag / 6. Vintage Dress and headpiece, Arabella Ramsay Coat / 7. Ryder Jumper and Shorts, Vintage Brogues / 8. Sara Phillips Shirt, Kate Sylvester Jumper and Skirt, Miu Miu Heels, Vintage Bag

A few months ago I collaborated with Jysla Kay and spent the afternoon wandering Centennial Park in the rain. Originally this was intended for an 8 page editorial spread but due to some misinterpreted fine print we were lucky enough to be able to keep this for ourselves instead, and share it with our beautiful readers at the same time.

It’s the perfect way to introduce you all to Jysla, the talented young photographer who I’ve been shooting with since Luke was away. Luckily for me she seems to be the pea to my pod, with each shoot flowing in perfect harmony and our creative eye completely in sync. The result? A breezy shoot in the woodlands, inspired by vintage past loves, a crisp autumn breeze, cozy afternoons and the haunting voice of Lana Del Rey. “Life is sweet like cinnamon, like a dream I’m living in”, which is kind of how I’m feeling right now with a few big changes on the horizon…

Photos by Jysla Kay