29th February 2012
Cosy Kate
Location LOCATION: Sydney

A chilly afternoon spent wandering Centennial Park in this delicious dusty pink knit by Kate Sylvester.

28th February 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Sea blues, pastel hues and a iced caramel latte with extra cream on top – the perfect way to cool down in this summer heat.

26th February 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Every collection seems to be getting better and better and this is by far my favourite to date.

20th February 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

A little bit of sequins peeking out of the shirt to add that cheeky element of surprise.

18th February 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Kind of feel like all I’m missing now is a baguette and the Eiffel tower. One day, merci beaucoup…