11th January 2012
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Stolen Girlfriends Club Dress / YSL Ring / Jennifer Hawkins for Siren Heels

So it seems when this time of year rolls around I always fall off the face of the earth. I think it’s a mix of taking holidays, visiting my family in Tasmania (with absolutely no reception) and sitting down to assess the year that’s been and the year that is to come. A little time to yourself is always healthy but I do apologise for my lack of posts!

Here is my first post for Harper’s Bazaar 2012. Often I’ll try to steer clear of darker colours and floral prints but this pretty little number by New Zealand designer Stolen Girlfriends Club was the perfect mix of both. A nice little addition to my usual soft, feminine wardrobe or brightly coloured pieces.

With a new list of goals I want to achieve this year and ideas I want to bring to life, I’m hoping it’s not just my wardrobe that changes this year.

You can read my latest post for Harper’s Bazaar HERE.

Photos by Jessica Stein