11th December 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Vintage Dress, Necklace, Bracelet and Snake Belt / Thrifted Heels and Faux Fur Clutch

It’s ridiculous how the mind starts to work when you’re a ‘blogger’. Every corner, street, meadow, or in this case pier, becomes a photo opportunity and you find yourself taking time out of your schedule just to shoot a few photos. Luckily for me my there was a 3 hour gap between my friends wedding on Sunday so Luke and I quickly took these photos out front of the reception. Trust me, I wouldn’t have taken these if there really wasn’t anything else to do besides freezing and shivering outside.

This dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for over a year now but it was only until I turned it backwards that I felt the need to wear it. Now with a plunging front and split up the back it seemed a whole lot sexier which as you know isn’t my usual cup of tea. No idea why I felt like revealing myself at a wedding of all places but at least I finally got some wear out of one of the few vintage pieces I’ve kept for myself since starting my online store. Added some touches of gold with a few vintage accessories and a gold snake belt to compliment the subtle gold lining along the hem.

In hindsight I should of taken a coat with me but at the time I thought a faux fur clutch would keep me warm. I think I was nearly as confused as my backwards dress that day…

Photos by Luke Shadbolt