30th August 2011
Location LOCATION: Auckland

With only knowing a handful of designers showing at NZFW it’s amazing being deep in the unknown, writing completely unbiased reviews based only on what you’ve seen and taken in during their 15 minute show. Discovering new designers and starting a love affair with their line for years to come is the most exciting part of any fashion week, and I’ve definitely fallen in love with a few newcomers after the first day of NZFW already.

The first being Ingrid Starnes, a NZ based designer and the very first show to open day one of NZFW. Launching her label in 2009, Ingrid is no stranger to the NZ fashion scene and started her journey at none other than Kate Sylvester, one of New Zealand’s greatest fashion houses.

This stunning collection was full of feminine tailored suits and double breasted coats styled impeccably over pretty and dainty lace, floral or button up shirts. The entire collection flowed so beautifully as look after look was sent down the floral runway. A few inspiring colour combinations caught my eye which to be honest I never would have thought would work together, but do? Bold red and cobalt blue were mixed with autumn floral prints and khaki stockings with navy, yellow and mustard always working all too well together. The very best part? Ingrid incorporates natural materials and traditional elements into her collections using vintage laces and embroidery. She also designs her own signature prints and dyes her own silks to custom colourways to ensure pieces remain exclusive.

Eco-friendly, exclusive and vintage? Why Ingrid I think I’ve run out of reasons not to love you.

Photos by me