26th August 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

A few weeks ago Bonds commissioned 5 Australian bloggers to star in their new summer campaign called “Feel The Colour”. The brief was.. well, brief, and we were given complete creative freedom to interpret it however we pleased. Bonds are known for their iconic basics and briefs and have just released their new Microfiber and Mesh Hipster range in an array of bright and bold colours for summer.

I wanted to stay true to the Bonds so I kept the styling extremely simple and focused on creating a mood instead by trying to capture natural action shots. I basically spent the day jumping, leaping and rolling around the grass in my underpants (which wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be), often forgetting we were shooting because I was laughing too much or trying to stop 21 helium balloons from floating away.

After working on a few things together it’s become second nature to shoot with Zanita and I’m constantly learning something new every time we do. I love the natural shots she’s captured here and now you all can finally see what I look like when I’m smiling!

Bonds gave us a few meters of their new fabric to play with and I absolutely love how slinky and smooth the Microfiber feels on your skin, which I made into a billowing maxi skirt that caught the wind perfectly. The textured mesh is available in bright neon colours and I felt instantly happier by wearing it, even if it was hiding underneath my clothes that no one else could see. When I think of Bonds I think of young, fun, colourful and playful campaigns so I hope mine is something along those lines too.

A special thank to Bonds for having me on board. I grew up wearing Bonds and have always been a boy leg kind of girl. Definitely feeling the colour for Spring/Summer!

All underwear and fabric: Bonds
Knitted Pink Jumper: Ruby
Red Blazer: Zara
All other pieces: Gary Pepper Vintage
Nail Polish: Bloom x Sass & Bide