29th June 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Vintage Cardigan and Jumper / Maurie & Eve Lace Shorts and Boots / Cotton On Scarf / Alexander Wang Bag

It’s hard to do these adorable lace shorts justice in this winter weather. I can’t seem to stop wearing them despite how chilly it is. As you can see the sun was out this day though so It made it easier to justify. Plus I was a little top heavy and was wearing four layers (a top and three long sleeved pieces) so really that evens out my body warmth. Maybe that’s why I decided to actually wear a scarf for once too? Not really my thing but felt like adding some colour, plus they’re practical and actually serve a purpose. Can’t wait until it’s warm and I don’t have to cover these little lace shorts in hundreds of layers. They’re so pretty and feminine and there’s no doubt in my mind I’ll be buying these in cream too. So perfect for Spring and already planning on skipping through a meadow with camera in hand as soon as I get some colour on my legs again. Available here.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt