25th June 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Thrifted Top and Cardigan / Cameo Skirt / Asos Boots / Vintage Bag, Necklace and Sunglasses

You know the feeling where you feel like you’re being pulled in a hundred different ways and you wish you could be in all of those places at once? Well things have been like this lately, but it’s definitely a good thing and I am counting my blessings. I know every week I always go on about how busy work is etc etc but the past two weeks have been a little insane. I’m still struggling to divide my time efficiently between my blog, running the store, uploading stock consistently and being in Sydney for events or showings, but with so much news to share with you all this week I’m hoping to pull it together! I just got home from a short stay in Sydney where I hosted a “Style Off” for Pedestrian TVand LG but I’ll fill you in on that later once I catch my breath.For now, here’s a little weekend inspiration full of everything I’m loving at the moment – mixing bright pops of colour, fishtail skirts/dresses, winter ankle boots you can’t decide if you like wearing more during the day or night, beautiful sunny days that would make you think it’s Spring and stumbling across painted lanes that remind you of candy popcorn or pastel painted doll houses. Come to think of it I really hope a bag of candy popcorn magically appears in my pantry right now. Mmmm..

Photos by Luke Shadbolt