24th May 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

After going through my photos it made me realise how little I managed to take over RAFW, which is hard to believe seeing as I was carrying around three cameras in my bag at any given time. It really was an amazing week, finally being able to meet every blogger you’ve spoken to online and people you’ve been meaning to catch up with for months. It kind of felt like we were this little online family and this was our very first Christmas together. You couldn’t hide our excitement to be there. Someone said to me “You can spot a blogger from a mile away” and it opened up a discussion of what this might of meant. I think it’s a mix of dressing a certain way, carrying around heavy cameras, being overly enthusiastic and from what I saw it could also be because we steer away from black? Loved seeing everyone dressed in bright colours with colourful personalities to match. This was my first RAFW experience and I took away several key points which I will be applying to any other fashion week I’m lucky enough to attend. I’ll be packing my lunch (hardly any food around), taking a water bottle (every beverage was either wine, energy drinks or sparkling water), not going to any after parties (precious time to edit photos and blog everything from that day) and trying to sleep as much as I can. Little sleep, little food and little water has resulted in my body being so run down I’m still recovering after a week of the flu!Unfortunately I only discovered the right settings on my camera on the 4th day when Emma from Spin Dizzy Fall kindly adjusted them for me. I had nearly given up hope trying to shoot in such low light and only wish I adjusted them sooner for all of the amazing shows at the start of the week. A big thank you to every PR company that invited me along to their shows and to every reader who took the time to come up and say hello, and of course to my beautiful blogger friends who kept me company all week. I’m already looking forward to next year…