30th May 2011

So very exciting news, Sara and I made it through the first round and into the finals for the Cosmopolitan FFF Awards for 2011! We had an old Hollywood glamor shoot the other week, which will be out in the next issue of Cosmo. We were given 1920′s mermaid waves through our hair and I was dressed in a stunning light pink Rachel Gilbert gown with a silver diamante encrusted top, the kind of dress you love but wouldn’t have anywhere to wear it to. I’m so excited to see the final shots! It’s been a very humbling experience so far and made ten times better that Sara is alongside me too. I read a wonderful quote by Hanneli the other day – “Bloggers aren’t competitors in the way magazines are. We stick together.” and I couldn’t agree with her more. Love that Sara and I are in this together.I’d love if you could spare a few seconds to vote for me here (www.funfearlessfemale.com.au). Remember you must vote in every category in order for your votes to be valid, but you don’t have to enter the competition at the end. You can also vote once a day and it’s open to my international readers too! The overall winner with the most votes wins $10,000 from Libra. I couldn’t even imagine the new heights I could take Gary Pepper with that kind of money! It would be going straight back into my business.Thank you to everyone who has voted for me so far and got me to the final stages. I really appreciate you taking the time. Now all we have to do is find something to wear to the awards night! Suggestions?