21st March 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Vintage Red Coat/Clutch, Gifted American Apparel Pants, Topshop Tee and Heels

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be caught wearing white pants ever again. But here i am.. wearing white pants.. again. The first time was in year 5. I was slightly obsessed with the Britney Spears “Sometimes” video clip (then again, who wasn’t?) and somehow managed to get my hands on a white pair of jeans. Growing out of my Britney phase quite quickly I never thought I’d wear them again. They’re surprisingly hard to pull off and if they’re not tailored perfectly the pleats, well, let’s just say the pleats create an optical illusion and probably not the best kind to be seen on a girl. American Apparel has well and truly reignited my love for well tailored pants and it seems even my childhood love for white ones too!We quickly took these photos before our dinner in the city on the weekend. Love that it was cold enough to wear a nice, cosy, wool coat and even more because it’s matches the beautiful red autumn leaves scattered around parks at the moment. Defiantly my kind season. I do love a good jacket.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt