26th February 2011
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Vintage robe, Vintage swimsuit, Vintage rings, Topshop heels

So it seems ever since the new store opened it’s not only my blog that is suffering but also my health. I’ve had a small cut on my foot for nearly three weeks now and it seemed to be getting worse by the day, and by worse i mean infected… After spending last night shivering and rugged up in a doona when it’s 41 degrees outside i finally realised there was defiantly something wrong and it was time to see a doctor. I was prescribed antibiotics that look like small bumble bee’s and told to rest, so i had the day off today which was wonderful. I took it easy, sent out about 20 parcels, edited some photos, replied to all of my emails and finally put together some sort of post for my blog. So what’s been happening here since we last spoke? Well Luke is away in Hawaii for a month, i finally decided i’m going to get a new kitten, i celebrated my birthday and was surprisingly sober compared to my friends for once, i went to Melbourne on another buying trip and have just been busy as per usual with the store and everything it demands. Oh, and i’ve been ill too! Bonus!For some reason it’s as if people knew it was my birthday as i’ve been receiving some amazing emails the past few weeks. A few things worth noting: I’ve been invited to be a part of a styling contest at Melbourne Fashion week, asked to be a teacher at a new fashion institute in Sydney and have a few collaborations lined up with Solestruck.com, Shopbop and Australian fashion label Joveeba, which to me is just crazy! It really kills me sometimes how much my store consumes my life so unfortunately i couldn’t manage to take the time off work to go to Melbourne and to Sydney to teach, but fingers crossed these amazing opportunities will still be there this time next year! I can only hope by then i’ll have learnt how to divide my time for work and time for play, and also to go to the doctors straight away!

PS. These photos were all taken at the Hunter Valley Gardens in NSW. This gazebo was the first place i actually thought to myself “Wow, i could get married here. This is exactly the setting i want”. Pretty crazy stuff.

Photos by Luke Shadbolt