28th September 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

Dress: Courtesy of Bec & Bridge, Cross Chain: Vintage, Ring: YSL

So this is the ‘Milky Way’ swing dress the girls from Bec & Bridge generously sent me last week. I’m so used to styling dresses with heels, bags, hats, jackets, anything at all to add more layers and textures but when i tried this dress on there was nothing i wanted to add, besides a long vintage cross and some tiny little seashells? I don’t often come across many dresses that make me want to wear it just by itself and actually look better without any accessories, so it was like a breath of fresh air.The simplicity of this dress is something i desperately need for the warmer weather and i already know how much i’ll be wearing it come Summer. It’s light as a feather and made from a super fine silk, and reminds me of the ocean when the free flowing cut starts moving in the breeze, hence these photos being taken at the beach. It’s quite perfect, really.

Recently i’ve been receiving some pretty wonderful gifts and along with the interviewing process it’s something i honestly don’t think i’ll ever get used to with the blogging world, and i’m not really sure how anybody does. I still jump up and down when i receive a wonderful email and run around the house when i receive something in the mail, sometimes to find Luke, sometimes to just run around in general. Hopefully i’ll be able to find some time this week to shoot some photos of three amazing care packages American Apparel has sent over the past few months. I think they must have read my post on not having enough basics and have come to my rescue – thank you, AA!

So I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I didn’t get a chance to do much besides run errands buying supplies for the office but i’ll leave that rant for the next post. Actually, maybe not.. I just realized how boring that sounds. A very big big big thank you to Lauren and the girls at Bec & Bridge for the amazing gift and for all of my international readers, if you haven’t heard of Bec & Bridge think along the lines of Australia’s elite designers like Camilla & Marc, Sass & Bide, Ginger & Smart etc. You can check them out here where this dress is also available online. Have a look and let me know what you guys think, i’d love to hear!

Oh and a HUGE thank you for everyone who voted for me in the Urban Outiftters contest. I missed out this time but it was amazing to see everyone get behind me for it and also discover 4 very talented girls. Much love.