6th August 2010

Well I made it home alive, but only just. After being stuck in traffic for 5 hours trying to leave we missed our flight home, had to book a hotel overnight, and flew out the next morning a few hundred dollars out of pocket. But I’ll tell you all about my adventuring in the next post once I have uploaded what little photos we managed to take over the weekend. For now, I thought I would update you all with what’s been happening with the store since I’ve been away (a few short days kind of feels like a few short months right now!).

Firstly, the new issue of  Mylookbook was released a few days ago and to my astonishment (I’m not quite sure if there is a word that better describes how shocked I am) my photo was run as the front cover! Yes I am just as surprised as you are, I had no idea and it was such a surreal moment when I saw the new issue online! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be on the cover of a magazine!? A very big thank you to Krista for running the feature over so many beautiful pages and for unknowingly giving me one of the nicest surprises I’ve had in ages. You can read the complete issue of Mylookbook here,where you will also find the lovely Jessy from Wide awake Thoughts.

Also, my collaboration with Solestruck and Jeffrey Campbell which is called ‘Indian Summer’ launched online in the few short days i was away! You can now find my images being used as the landing pages on the main Solestruck website, on their official facebook page, and they were also sent out in a daily email to thousands of shoe fanatics! If that was wonderful enough i just received news that they loved my ‘Snick’ images so much that they’re going to compile a mini lookbook of them – talk about crazy! You can now find one of the funniest and quirkiest interviews i’ve ever had the pleasure of doing on their website here.

My love for the man behind Jeffrey Campbell, Ty, seems to be growing by the day and I cannot thank him enough for how lovely he has been to my store. I can only hope one day I will be able to return the favor. Perhaps I’ll try and start a Gary Pepper shoe line or something?

The Luscious website also did a lovely write up on Gary Pepper which you can read here. It was such a beautiful article and i’d like to say a quick thank you to Natasha and Anna for featuring the store. I also just finished a short column for Ebay magazine that will be published in their next issue. Can you believe they want to run a regular column on the workings of Gary Pepper Vintage? Thank you, Miceala!

And last but not least, nearly 130 new vintage pieces arrived in store on Sunday night and are now available. I posted about this amazing full sequined top (number 13) on Facebook before I left and everybody seems to be going absolutely crazy trying to get their hands on it! I also love the selection of pastel jumpers I have this week and this amazing rabbit fur coat that is perfect for winter. You can view the full collection here.

Now please excuse me while I try to catch up on the insane amount of work that needs to be done for the store. Hopefully I can find some time to shoot some photos over the weekend Here are a few of my favourite picks this week:

1.Vintage Nautical Striped Jumpsuit One Piece //

2. Vintage Pink/Green Printed Dress with Belt //

3. Vintage Brown Knitted Boho Jumper Dress //

4.Vintage Red Boho Slip Dress with Floral Bust //

5.Vintage Brown Pinafore Dress with Lace Trim //

6.Vintage Blue/Gold Printed Pinafore Dress //

7. Vintage Pink Long Sleeve Pleat Dress //

8.Vintage Black/Red Floral Halter Neck Slip Dress //

9.Vintage Blue/Pink Floral Layered Dress w Keyhole Back //

10.Vintage Black Layered Frill Sheer Shoulder Dress //

11.Vintage Black Sheer Lace Open Back Shift Dress //

12. Vintage White Sheer Lace Lace Low Back Dress //

13.Vintage Silver/Cream Full Sequinned Top //

14.Vintage White Silk High Waist Tulle Skirt //

15.Vintage Cream Crochet Lace Tee //

16.Vintage Black Sheer Lace Scalloped Tee //

17.Vintage Gold Lace Oversize Tee //

18.Vintage Black Sheer Zebra Print Button Shirt //

19.Vintage Pink/Orange Printed Pocket Skirt //

20. Vintage High Waist Coral Button Skirt //

21.Vintage Yellow/Black Printed High Waist Skirt //

22.Vintage High Waist Navy Floral Skirt //

23.Vintage Blue/Pink Scrunchy Grunge Jacket //

24.Vintage White Tuxedo Double Breasted Jacket with Black Trim //

25.Vintage Cream Checkered Gold Button Coat //

26.Vintage Khaki Green Oversize Blazer //

27.Vintage Real Rabbit Fur Winter Coat //

28. Vintage Black Faux Fur/Leopard Striped Jumper //

29.Vintage Cream/Beige Striped Cardigan //

30. Vintage White Jumper with Gold Floral Print //

31.Vintage Gold Metallic Striped Cardigan //

32. Vintage White Cardigan with Brown Trim & Buttons //

33.Vintage White/Red Checkered Oversize Jumper //

34.Vintage Pastel Peach/Green Floral Cardigan //

35.Vintage Peach Cut Out Boho Jumper Dress //

36.Vintage Pastel Pink/Blue Checkered Floral Jumper //