16th June 2010
Location LOCATION: Sydney

My new giveaway finally arrived before the weekend and I am so happy I can finally announce what it is! This month I will be giving away a YSL Arty Oval Ring in pink – the most coveted ring of the season and one of my all time favourite pieces that I wear every single day! In fact, I love this ring so much that I bought two – a pink one for me and a pink one for you! That’s right. So It’s the same as usual to enter. Simply become a fan of my gary pepper vintage facebook page, suggest the page to your friends by clicking the ‘suggest to friends’ option underneath the default photo, select as many friends as you can then leave me a little note so I can enter your name into the YSL draw and that’s it! It’s extremely simple and I honestly can’t wait to draw the lucky winner already! Winner will be announced in 4 weeks time and is open to international readers too. So good luck everyone and start spreading the word.

I also wanted to announce the winner to the $50 gpv gift voucher from the bloglovin’ contest. A big congratulations to ELLEN from Canberra, Australia! I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long but I will be emailing you in a few short minutes A warm and very belated thank you to every one who voted for my spring look too. Unfortunately I didn’t win the alexander wang bag but with all of your love and support I did come in at third which is just crazy! To be honest, it didn’t really matter what I came or if I won because I was grateful just to be standing alongside some of the best bloggers in the world that I personally admire and follow on a daily basis so to me, I’d already won.

Anyway, I haven’t had any time to tell you all, let alone take photos of it, but the day after the contest closed I realised how much I really wanted that Alexander Wang bag (well done, marketing team. Your concept obviously works!) so I decided to spoil myself and just get one! I never really splurge on such luxurious things but when I heard the exciting news that I officially owned my very own company I told myself this would be my ‘congratulations present’. It arrived a few weeks ago and I can’t believe how quickly I’ve grown attached to it already! So thank you, Nicole. It really is the best present ever!

Green Cardigan & Pink Slip: Vintage, Socks: Topshop, Brogues: Vintage, Rings: YSL, Diego Bag: Alexander Wang

This is what i wore yesterday when I went out for breakfast and coffee, ran some errands and eventually a pleasant picnic with Luke in the late afternoon. Casual, simple and extremely comfortable. It’s impossible for me to spend any money on basics even though I desperately need them so I really love this pink slip at the moment. It’s light as a feather and seems to mix well with all of my multicoloured jackets and cardigans. What a coincidence it matches my pink YSL ring too?

And how cute is this little floral purse I found the other day? It’s about half the size of an Iphone and when I opened it I found it was actually a miniature sewing kit complete with a tiny pair of scissors, a measuring tape, buttons, needles and colourful thread! The little old lady at the store told me that they’re very old fashioned and everyone, including herself, had one back in the day. The amount of times I’ve poked myself with needles when i’m reaching into my bag is kind of pathetic so I can’t believe they don’t make these anymore!? It’s practical, conveniently sized and adorable at the same time – genius! This is now safely tucked away in my new bag and ready to hit the road with me when I go traveling up the coast next week on one of my opshopping adventures. Nothing but myself, my thoughts, the big open road and some beautiful scenery – pure bliss and just the way I like it.